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Before and After Transformations

Check out our eye-opening gallery of before and after pictures, and imagine what we can do for you.

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Before/After 065

Before/After 083

Before/After 087

Viewing Help

Drag the little arrows to the left and right to view the transformations.

These amazing photos were taken during real Flann Fence & Deck projects.

The buttons marked “Before LG” and “After LG” will pop open larger views of each photo.



Before/After 045

Before/After 057

Before/After 060

Before/After 074

Before/After 075

Before/After 081

Before/After 077

Before/After 088

Before/After 089

Before/After 087

Before/After 090

Before/After 091

Ready to Transform Your Space?

We hope these photos inspire you to envision your perfect home. Imagine what we can achieve together! When you’re ready, connect with us to begin your home renovation journey, where your ideas and our craftsmanship combine. Let’s create a space that’s uniquely yours.



Before/After 044

Before/After 052

Before/After 067

Before/After 068

Before/After 069

Before/After 071

Before/After 072

Before/After 073

Before/After 076

Before/After 079

Before/After 082

Before/After 083

See Something You Like?

Impressed by a transformation? Whether it’s a modern kitchen or a stylish bath, if a particular makeover has caught your eye, we’re ready to bring your vision to life. Share what you’d like to see in your home, and let’s craft a personalized plan to make it happen



Before/After 042

Before/After 043

Before/After 055

Before/After 061

Before/After 062

Before/After 064

Before/After 088a

Before/After 088b

Before/After 089a

Before/After 089b

Custom Solutions

Each home is unique, and so should be its solutions. We design our custom built-ins to blend seamlessly with your lifestyle. You tell us what you need and how you live, we design to suit.

Ready to enhance your living area? Let’s discuss how tailored details can make a big difference in your home.



Before/After 050

Before/After 051

Before/After 058

Before/After 066

Before/After 069a

Before/After 069b

You'd be Surprised

You might look at a room and think that there’s nothing that can be done to fix it, and you’d be surprised to see what we can do with it.

We can completely tear down any space and meticulously rebuild it entirely, better than before, beautifully, and long-lasting. 



Inspired for a Change?

If you’re thinking about a home renovation project or breathing new life into an older house, get ready for a fun, challenging, and rewarding experience that can increase the conmfort and value of your home. Be sure to read our Points to Consider page for preparation tips. Find plenty of ideas and inspiration for all areas of your home here, then tell us what you’re dreaming of.



Before/After 049

Before/After 054b

Before/After 047

Before/After 046

Before/After 048

Before/After 053

Before/After 078a

Before/After 078b

Before/After 080

Before/After 068

Before/After 054a

Thinking About Making a Change?

These before and after pictures are just the start. If our projects have inspired you, let’s talk about turning your vision into reality. Start the conversation with us—no pressure, just endless possibilities.